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“It gives me great satisfaction to help Maine businesses and organizations connect with the resources they need to succeed and grow.”
Mary J. Herman

In her consulting business, Mary ‘wears many hats,’ acting as a meeting facilitator to bring people together productively, leading brainstorming sessions to encourage new ways of looking at problems and possibilities, conducting employee satisfaction surveys to identify ways to improve from within the organization, and the list goes on.

If your answer is ‘yes’ to any of the questions below, Mary can help.

  • Are you seeking growth opportunities for your business?
  • Is your agency looking for solutions to increase community awareness, visibility, or funding?
  • Could your organization benefit from a fresh perspective and innovative ideas?

Having lived and worked in Maine for nearly four decades, Mary knows the unique landscape of the state — and the unique needs of Maine businesses and organizations — intimately. She has a great passion for connecting people to generate positive, lasting results.

Building bridges to great outcomes is her ambition.

Enthusiastic, energetic and focused, Mary empowers her clients to reach their greatest potential by giving them the keys to resources they need to succeed. With an open mind and an objective eye, she treats each project as a new challenge to be met with innovation and a fresh perspective. Out-of-the-box thinking, attention to detail and ingenuity are the hallmarks of her consulting practice.

Well known and respected throughout the state, Mary can open the doors of opportunity with a phone call. In the course of her professional work and as First Lady of Maine, she has traveled the state extensively, forging relationships with hundreds of leaders and influencers. Her connections in business, government and the nonprofit world span from Aroostook County to York County. If it’s someone she doesn’t know personally, she knows whom to contact to make the connection.

With broad-based experience in many different arenas, Mary’s wealth of knowledge represents a distinctive strength. Having worked and volunteered in the nonprofit, health care, social service, education, and governmental/public policy sectors, she draws upon an abundance of wisdom and resources to create amazing ideas and creative solutions.

Contact Mary to see what she can help your organization or business accomplish.