The Process

Mary’s thoughtful and efficient process makes Mary J. Herman Consulting a very worthwhile investment, even for cost-conscious organizations.

Step One: In-depth Strategy Session — Client relationships start with an in-depth strategy session. The meaningful discussions and creative exploration generated through the brainstorming process often unearth breakthrough concepts that ultimately drive growth of an existing service or open up entirely new opportunities for success.

Step Two: Research and Analysis — As strategy development progresses, conscientious attention to a client’s needs and expectations remains paramount. Thorough research and analysis ensure the client’s unique strengths and opportunities are fully leveraged. Open, candid communication ensures the delivery of a goal-oriented plan of action that thoroughly supports the overriding vision and mission.

Step Three: Project Completion — Every project is completed with a high degree of efficiency, enabling clients to move forward quickly. Clear goals and objectives identified at the outset combined with thoughtful consideration of a client’s existing resources, budget requirements, and project timeline ensure timely delivery of a high-quality product.

If you would like to discuss your unique business or organization’s problems or opportunities, please contact Mary at 207-751-6221 or